The easiest way to save your Telegram picture and video messages.

@BotArchiveBot can help you save picture messages, video messages, audio notes and documents received in Telegram to your cloud storage account.

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We built Bot Archive because we wanted to make it really easy to access pictures and videos we receive over messenger programs. Thousands of pictures and videos of nieces and nephews and grandchildren that are only easily viewed or shared on the tiny phone screen: it doesn't have to be like that!

Bot Archive solves this, starting with Telegram (and coming soon for other messenger programs). You connect us securely to your cloud storage account (we support Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive: contact us if there is another provider you'd like to see) and everytime we receive a message from you we will save it directly to a separate folder in your cloud storage account. If you add us to a group we'll automatically save everything sent to the group into a separate folder for easy viewing and management.

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The Telegram Bot API only supports access to files that are at most 20MB in size: larger files will not be successfully archived.
The Telegram Bot API does not provide access to a list of all members of a group: this means that the only way to know if you are a member of the group (and that we should archive group content for you) is if you tell us somehow. If you join the group AFTER we get added to the group then we'll receive a notification that you joined and immediately begin archiving group content on your behalf. Otherwise we will start archiving group content on your behalf the first time we see a message from you to the group.