How to print from your Windows computer directly to your cloud storage

Bot Archive is the easiest way to print from your Windows computer directly to your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or Box storage

BotArchive is the easiest way to automatically save content to your existing Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Box account. To make it even easier, you can actually print directly from your WIndows computer to your cloud storage! No need to open a browser, find the file, drag and drop it: any program that supports printing will let you save the content to your cloud storage. Here's how to set up a printer that connects to your cloud storage using Bot Archive.


The instructions below are for Windows 11: please make adjustments for different versions of Windows.

1. Visit BotArchive at click Configure Storage if you don't already have BotArchive linked to your Google Drive. Once configured, click the Settings icon:
Archive Settings

2. Switch to the Print tab, then click the Show Printer Configuration button. Note that using BotArchive's print functionality requires a paid plan or subscription: once you sign up you will receive a free 7-day subscription, with no credit card required.
Show Printer Configuration

3. Copy the printer URL: clicking on the icon on the right of the printer URL will copy the value to the clipboard. You will need this value to configure the printer.
Copy Printer URL

4. On your Windows desktop, click the Windows menu to get started.
Open Windows Menu

5. Click the Settings icon to open the configuration menu.
Open Windows Settings

6. Click the Bluetooth & devices menu option.
Select Bluetooth & Devices

7. Click the Printers & scanners menu option.
Select Printers & scanners

8. Click the Add Device button to create a new printer. This will open a new option.

Add a printer

9. Click on the Add manually link.

Add the printer manually

10. Select the option to Add a printer using an IP address or hostname, then click the Next button.
Select the IP address or hostname option

11. Paste the printer URL from step 3 above into the input field, and then click the Next button.
Enter the printer URL

12. The printer configuration will occur.
Configuring the new printer

13. And...we're done. The printer is successfully installed. To test it out, you can click the Print a test page button.
New Printer Configured

14. Once the test page prints, you'll get a confirmation dialog. You can now close it and exit out of the Settings window.
Test Page Printed

15. If you open your cloud storage (click the View Archive button from step 1 to go directly to the right location in your browser) you'll see the printed file.
Test Page Archived!

Going forward, any document printed to the new Bot Archive printer will be automatically stored in your configured cloud storage.

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