Backup your emails and chat content to your cloud storage.

The easiest way to automatically send attachments, images, audio files and videos received over email and chat directly to your existing Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Box account.
Dedicated archive email address
Automatically archives attachments for all received emails
No invasive permissions required
Forward only the emails you require (including support for Outlook and Gmail)
Save all attachments file types
Transparently save all files, independent of type
Supports major cloud storage providers
Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive (coming soon) and Box (coming soon)
(Coming soon) Save the email body
Print the contents of the email to a PDF stored in your archive
Support for Slack
Support for Telegram
Save images, audio files, video, and documents
Automatically saves the highest available quality of all pictures, audio messages, videos and documents.
Support for groups
Easily access those pictures of your niece that previously lived only in your messenger or on your phone.


All email and web communications with Bot Archive are encrypted.

Payments are processed securely via Stripe (or coming soon, Paypal). We never save your credit cards.


We built Bot Archive because we wanted to make it really easy to store content in our email and messenger programs from our cloud storage. Whether it is receipts we receive in our work email or pictures and videos of our friends or loved ones in Telegram, it should just go where we want them to be.

Bot Archive solves this, starting with email, Slack and Telegram (and coming soon for other business and personal communication tools). You connect us securely to your cloud storage account (we support Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive: contact us if there is another provider you'd like to see) and every time we receive a message from you we will save it directly to a separate folder in your cloud storage account. If you add us to a group chat or channel we'll automatically save everything sent to the group or channel into a separate folder for easy viewing and management.

And no extra storage: whenever you disconnect us or stop using us your data is already where you need it to be!

Supported Cloud Storage Services

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