Automatically save Outlook Online attachments to your Google Drive

Bot Archive is the easiest way to automatically save email attachments received in Outlook Online directly to Google Drive

BotArchive is the easiest way to automatically send attachments, images, audio files and videos received over email and chat directly to your existing Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Box account. If you need to automatically save attachments sent to your Outlook Online account to your Google Drive, BotArchive makes it easy.

Here's how you'd save all your Microsoft Office invoices to your Google Drive. These invoices are:

  1. Sent by the email address
  2. Have a subject line beginning with Your Microsoft invoice.
  3. Always include a single attachment.

We'll setup an Outlook Online rule to forward all matching emails to our archive email address. Here's how:

1. Visit BotArchive at click Configure Storage if you don't already have BotArchive linked to your Google Drive. Once configured, copy the archive email address.  (click the copy icon on the right side of the email address).

2. Visit your Outlook Online forwarding address settings at Click the Add Rule button.
Configuring rules

3. Give the rule a name, then enter the conditions for the forwarding to take place. Click Save once complete.
Rule Conditions and Action

4. The new rule is ready!
The Active Rule

Going forward, any emails that match the rule conditions will be forwarded to the archive email address, and the attachment will be stored in your Google Drive account!

Do note: this will not extract any previously received invoices. You'll need to manually forward any other emails you'd like processed to the archive email address.

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